Botana Chips & Chipotle Bean Dip

Homemade tortilla chips fried to golden perfection served with chipotle bean dip and our fresh made salsas.

Toritos Gueritos

Delicious "Chile Guerito" peppers sautéed and stuffed with shrimp, queso blanco, wrapped in bacon. Served with La Botana secret sauce.

Queso Blanco Fundido

Wisconsin jack cheese melted and topped with chorizo & grilled mushrooms. Served with imported flour or corn tortillas. Optional With Shrimp.


Ripe hass avocados doused in lime juice, red onions, poblano peppers, tomatoes, fresco cilantro, a pinch of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Tossed and served with Botana chips.

Nachos Gracias

Botana crisp corn tortilla chips covered with grilled fresh verduras, pinto beans, queso blanco, guacamole & sour cream. Optional with Pollo or Bistek.

Cielo, Mar y Tierra Quesadilla

A trio of mouth-watering grilled garlic shrimp, pollo en adobo, and USDA choice bistek. Sautéed fresh tomatoes, poblano peppers, red onions and melted queso blanco laid on two large imported flour tortillas.

Botana Sampler

An appetizer to please everyone staring with Nachos Gracias, our famous Toritos Gueritos, delicious cheese Quesadilla, and fresh made GuacamOle

Ensaladas y Sopas

Pollo con Adobo

Grilled chicken breast marinated in chipotle adobo sauce with tomatoes, atop mountain of greens, and grilled red onions. A mix of Wisconsin & feta queso, fresh chopped cilantro, avocado and tortilla strips drizzled with chipotle ranch.

Baja Shrimp Ensalada

Succulent grilled garlic shrimp, atop of romaine greens, tomates frescos, poblanos frescos, cambray onions, diced avocado, queso blanco and tomatillo-ranch dressing. Optional wWith grilled Cajun Tilapia.

Tomates Frescos

Juicy tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper topped with feta cheese.

Sopa de Tortilla

Our soup broth is made from roasted roma tomatoes, minced onions, and garlic. Served with queso blanco, avocado slices and homemade tortilla strips. Cup or Bowl.

Otras Botanas

Cantina Tacos (1)

Our tacos represent different regions in Mexico and street "carretas" throughout the country. Choice of meat & imported tortillas.

Botana Sonoran Dog (1)

Hotdog wrapped in bacon, beans, grilled onions, tomatoes, chorizo, mustard, mayo, ketchup & cheese.

Caramelo (1)

Imported flour tortilla with queso blanco and your choice of meat, topped with a second grilled flour tortilla.

Lorenza (1)

Charbroiled corn tortilla with queso blanco topped with your choice of meat, garnished with shredded cabbage and marinated red onions.

Taco Light (1)

Fresh romaine lettuce with your choice of meat or veggie chorizo. Enjoy this healthy Botana taco.

Quesadilla (1)

Imported large flour tortilla with melted queso blanco.

Especialidades de la casa

Zesty Diskada

The dish that will make us famous. USDA Bistek or pollo tossed with chorizo, bacon, poblano peppers, delicious zesty tomatillo salsa, sautéed chambray and white onions topped with melted queso blanco. Serverd with imported flour or corn tortillas.

Bistek & Pollo
Shrimp Only
Cielo Mar y Tierra (All Three)

Sizzling Parrillada Tradicional

A mexican traditional family platter. We start you with grilled quesadillas and our famous chipotle bean dip followed by marinated grilled green onions & fresh salsas. Choice of meat and imported tortillas.
1/2 lb or 1 lb

Shrimp only
1/2 lb or 1 lb

La Botana Shrimp Especial

Sautéed large shell shrimp with garlic butter, grilled chile guerito, chambray onions, red potatoes, fresco poblano peppers, tomatoes and red onion with La Botana secret spices.

Camarones a La Botana

Fresh shrimp grilled with spices, sautéed mushrooms, onions, dipped in our delicious chipotle adobo sauce served with cilantro rice, fries and a verde salad.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

Grilled shrimp tossed with butter, mince garlic and spices accompanied with cilantro rice, fries and fresh verde salad.

Pescado Empapelado

Fresh tilapia fish grilled with shrimp, Botana spices, mustard, salsa fresca, and cilantro. Served with cilantro rice and verde salad.

Taco Gobernador al Ajillo (1)

Corn tortilla filled with grilled garlic shrimp, chambray green onions, fresh poblano peppers, and shredded queso blanco sautéed in butter to a perfect golden finish.

Taco de Pescado (1)

Tilapia fish strips coated with spices and grilled until golden. Served on a corn tortilla with La Botana chipotle sauce, garnished with shredded cabbage and fresh pico de gallo.


(Our combos 1-4 are serverd with ranchero beans, cilantro rice and fresh made salsas. Choose from our imported flour or corn tortillas.)


Three soft tacos with your choice of meat and tortillas.

w/Tacos de Pescado
w/Gobernador Tacos

2- TU

One lorenza and one caramelo with your choice of meat. Optional. Substitute with shrimp or fish .

3- TRI

One Chesse quesadilla and two soft tacos with your choice of meat.

Add shrimp or fish (p/taco), (quesadilla) .


Fresh grilled garlic Shrimp caramelo & two tilapia fish tacos.

5- FAI

Two Botana Sonoran hot dogs & french fries.


Bean & chesse only
Build your own Burrito (BYOB) 1/2lb of meat

Choose "One"

Grilled Bistek, Pollo, Carnitas, Adobada, Chorizo, Chicharron Verde, Red Chikle (Shredded Beef), Green Chile Pork (Shredded Pork), Guacamole, Soy Chorizo w/spices.

Choose "Any"

Beans, Arroz, Queso, Green Onions, Jalapenos, Poblano, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Cilantro.

Add Guacamole or Sour Cream or Both
Enchilada or "Chimi" style Both.


Orlandos Special

Marinated Pollo, cilantro rice, sautéed jalapenos, poblanos, red onion, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and cilantro drizzled in chipotle mayo.

Adelitas Veggie Burrito

Tasty pinto beans, cilantro rice, grilled poblanos, tomatoes, mushrooms, green and red onions and queso blanco. Optional with vegetarian chorizo


Sonoran burro special. 1/2 lb of USDA choice bistek, queso blanco, fresh tomatoes, sliced avocado, and finish with chipotle mayo on the grill.

The 5lb-er

Eat it all, Eat it free. Ask for details.


Domestic Cervezas

Bud Light, Budweiser & Michelob Ultra.

Imported Cervezas

Tecate, Tecate Light, Corona, Corona Light, Pacifico, Dos Equis Amber.

On Tap

Dos Equis Lager & Negra Modelo Pint (16oz) Pony (22 oz)

Michelada Dos Equis Lager

Margarita or Sangria

en las rocas.

Margarita o Sangria (60oz)


Fountain Drinks

Horchata, Jamaica, Ice Tea & Coffee


Chicken nuggets & fries
Hot dog and fries


Amareto Flan

La Botana Sides

Sour cream
Large flour tortillas (2)
Small flour or corn tortillas (5)
Grilled onions
Chiles toreados
French fries
Rice & Beans

Lunch Specials

2 Grilled fish tacos with rice & beans.

Wet Burrito with (red chile or green chile) & grilled veggies.

Cheese Quesadilla & 1 Taco with rice & beans.

1 Caramelo & 1 Lorenza (choice of meat) with rice & beans.

Camaron a La Botana with rice, beans, and salad. Optional, add cup of soup.

Our Meats


USDA choice (Mexico City)


Ground pork w/spices (Sonora)

Green Chile Chicharron

Fried pork in tomatillo sauce (Jalisco)


Fuego lento pork (Michoacan)


48hr marinated pork in thick adobo sauce (Guadalajara)

Red Chile

USDA shredded beef with red chile sauce (Sonora)


Marinated chicken breast in chipotle sauce (Toluca)

Vegetarian Chorizo

Soy chorizo w/spices (Arizona)


Grilled tilapia (Baja)


Grilled & golden w/butter (Mazatlan)

Green Chile

Shredded pork in tomatillo sauce (Veracruz)